Board of Directors


Prof. Didier Hans, MBA


Chairman of the board and CEO: Prof. Didier Hans, MBA

Over 20 years of experience in the field of osteoporosis, Didier Hans is specialized in diagnostic techniques and improvements in the management of osteoporosis patients.

As a leader in this field, in addition to his technical skills and managerial competencies, he brings with him a network of renowned international experts.

Having joined the board early in 2006, he accepted the presidency in June 2009, and has spurred the tremendous growth of Medimaps ever since. Didier Hans is also holding an academic position as head of Research & Development, Center for Bone Diseases, University Hospital, Lausanne (CH) and is past President of ISCD and co-founder of Synarc Inc (USA). As a current Chairman and CSO of  Medimaps and Ascendys his philosophy can be expressed as “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” Anatole France.


Pierre Strübin


Pierre Strübin

Pierre is the Technical Director of FONGIT and is responsible for the Administration and the Logistic incubator, which he joined in June 2000. Prior to joining FONGIT, Pierre worked for many years at ABB, IEC and LEM, as a General Manager for the component division. Pierre is partner at Fongit Seed Invest.

Derek pic




Derek E Gray

Derek is Consultant to Wilder Coe LLP, specialized in International fiscal structures and financial matters. He has a strong expertize in international finance and banking and extensive experience in valuations of businesses. Derek worked for many years as Director of Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. (listed NASDAQ) and for Velcro Industries NV (listed Montreal Stock Exchange). His knowledge and expertize in the finance and fiscal environment are very valuable for Medimaps and makes him a great contributor in our Board of Directors.