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Integrated seamlessly on densitometers, TBS Osteo uses DXA scans from a spine BMD exam to have an indirect, yet highly correlated, index of bone microarchitecture.

Book a 30-minute demo below to see what’s new in TBS Osteo v3.1.2:

  • TBS Osteo v3.1.2 calculates an index, TBS, highly correlated with bone microarchitecture
  • Fully All-in-One automated report (editable) combining all the findings:
    • Skeletal Status Statement Chart based on combined BMD and TBS
    • TBS score with automatic microarchitecture assessment
    • Tools to aid the therapeutic decision: FRAX and BMD T-score adjusted for TBS
    • Editable FRAX reference curve
    • Monitoring trend curve for patient’s follow up data
    • Displays the direction toward the risk zone the patient is heading
  • Allows for retrospective analysis of patients’ DXA scans

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