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Bone health explained to patients. In greater detail:

  • What is Osteoporosis and what is a DXA exam.
  • Why bone structure assessment is important. What is TBS.
  • Why DXA + TBS are essential for a better prediction of fracture risk.
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Trabecular Bone Score for Your Bone Health

Key Facts:

Osteoporosis is a skeletal disease which causes bone degradation and leads to increased fracture risk. Osteoporosis is known as a “silent” disease because there are no obvious symptoms until pain occurs due to a broken bone. In women, menopause increases the risk of osteoporosis. In both men and women, other medical conditions such as e.g. diabetes, endocrine diseases, hyperparathyroidism or corticoid use can also cause increased fracture risk, making diagnosis and prevention very important as well.

Bone densitometry is a painless radiological test to assess osteoporosis, specifically loss of bone mineral. To evaluate your fracture risk bone structure information is important as well. Therefore, it is useful to complement your bone densitometry with a TBS (Trabecular Bone Score) examination.

TBS iNsight is the test that is evaluating bone texture which is closely related to bone structure. TBS, therefore, reveals crucial information for better management of osteoporosis and fracture risk. The combined information about your bone mineral density and your bone texture can help your doctor make better decisions to keep your bones healthy.

Note: Bone health treatment does not always involve medications: a healthy life-style with exercise and fall prevention will also help to reduce your risk of fracture. Your physician will tell you about the best options for you!

Why is bone structure assessment important? Why TBS?

Osteoporosis is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a “disease characterized by low bone mass AND micro-architectural deterioration of bone tissue, leading to enhanced bone fragility and a consequent increase in fracture risk” A bone densitometry scan measures one aspect of your bone strength - the bone mineral density. The other crucial aspect of bone strength is the bone micro-architecture. TBS INsight is the advanced technology that can provide an indirect measure of this information expressed by the Trabecular Bone Score (TBS). Now, it is possible to analyse those bone densitometry scans to add additional fracture risk information related to the bone structure, thanks to TBS iNsight. TBS can therefore decrease your risk of being missed for early prevention and treatment.

Your medical provider is now able to analyse TBS from your bone densitometry exam with TBS iNsight. This allows him/her to assess more accurately your risk of future fracture and therefore consider an appropriate treatment. Once your bone densitometry examination image is done, TBS results can be derived directly from this without additional time or additional radiation exposure for you.

TBS allows your physician to fine-tune your diagnosis and thereby make the best treatment decision for you!

In summary: Advanced Bone Densitometry with TBS iNsight provides the assessment of both bone density and bone structure aspects in one single examination to allow your medical provider to better evaluate your bone health for improved patient care.

50% of patients at risk of fracture are potentially missed by bone densitometry alone!

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