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Try TBS iNsight™ for FREE for 60 days or get an extended trial for a nominal fee Try TBS Osteo™ for FREE for 60 days or get an extended trial for a nominal fee

To start your 60 days FREE TBS Osteo™ Trial, or if you have questions related to our trial program, please enter your contact details below. We will get back to you shortly (usually within less than 48 hours).

Fill out this form to start your 60-day FREE TBS Osteo trial

Details of the TBS trial

We are giving you the opportunity to get a FREE Trial license either for a 60-day period of time or to analyse 250 patients’ scans, whichever occurs first. Alternatively, you can opt for an extended, calibrated* trial of 4 or 6 months for a nominal fee.

During the free 60-day-trial or extended* trial, you will benefit from unlimited access to our e-learning platform to learn more about our software application. To gain access to our E-Learning Platform, simply write us email to

Remarks for trial

  • Please note that the free trial license does not require a physical calibration* of your DXA device. TBS values should not serve medical decisions affecting patients until a proper calibration is made.
  • Compatible DXA systems:
    • Hologic QDR 4500™
    • Delphi™
    • Discovery™
    • Horizon™
    • GE Lunar Prodigy™
    • GE Lunar iDXA™.
  • A training and corresponding certification should be obtained before using TBS values for medical decisions affecting patients – either via our e-Learning platform or via our applications training.

* A calibrated trial can be made available for a small nominal fee to cover calibration costs. If you would like a calibrated trial, please contact us:

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