TBS Clinical News - December 2016

In this edition of the Newsletter we are including a new clinical case that highlights TBS added-value in patient under glucocorticoids, by Dr. Bérengère Aubry Rozier & Dr. Olivier Lamy from Switzerland, as well as a selection of great articles about TBS published by scientific societies.

If you want to learn more about TBS & Diabetes, review the latest IOF article "Can DXA be used to predict fracture risk in people with diabetes?" .

A nice review of TBS was introduced by Dr. Christopher Chan and Dr. Nicholas C Harvey in the latest edition of the NOS Osteoporosis Review that we are pleased to reveal to you.

Last but not least, to celebrate Christmas season arrival, we are glad to launch a special offer valid until the end of the year.

Special End of Year Promotion

During this special time of the year, we are pleased to help you integrate TBS iNsight software into your current practice with our year-end offer. A 1-year service contract extension will be granted free of charge, for any TBS iNsight license ordered by December 31st, 2016. It includes software upgrades, priority assistance & unlimited access to our TBS elearning modules.

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New Clinical case by Dr. B. Aubry Rozier & Dr. O. Lamy

This is the case of 61 year-old woman under glucocorticoid. She is classified as osteopenic at the spine by BMD and has a low and decreasing TBS on a 2-year period. How would you handle this patient? Find out what Dr. B. Aubry Rozier & Dr. O. Lamy recommended to this patient in the full article.

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"Can DXA be used to predict fracture risk in people with diabetes?"

The IOF just revealed a great article on how DXA-based measurements can be used to help identify diabetic patients at increased risk of fracture. TBS is one of the 3 DXA parameters - with BMD and FRAX® - that are useful to identify diabetic patients versus healthy ones and that are associated with fracture risk. In addition, TBS is the only parameter that is partially associated with an excess fracture risk in type 2 diabetics. TBS is a useful tool in type 2 diabetic (T2D) patients.

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NOS Autumn Osteoporosis Review

In the latest NOS (National Osteoporosis Society - UK)  Summer / Autumn 2016 Osteoporosis Review, was published a nice review article on TBS "The potential roles of trabecular bone score (TBS) in clinical practice" by Dr. C. Chan and Dr. N. C Harvey, University Hospital Southampton, that we invite you to read to discover TBS.

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