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Shevroja, Enisa; Cafarelli, Francesco Pio; Guglielmi, Giuseppe; Hans, Didier

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Osteoporosis, a disease characterized by low bone mass and alterations of bone microarchitecture, leading to an increased risk for fragility fractures and, eventually, to fracture; is associated with an excess of mortality, a decrease in quality of life, and co-morbidities. Bone mineral density (BMD), measured by dual X-ray absorptiometry (DXA), has been the gold standard for the diagnosis of osteoporosis. Trabecular bone score (TBS), a textural analysis of the lumbar spine DXA images, is an index of bone microarchitecture. TBS has been robustly shown to predict fractures independently of BMD. In this review, while reporting also results on BMD, we mainly focus on the TBS role in the assessment of bone health in endocrine disorders known to be reflected in bone.





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