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In addition to creating proprietary software applications such as TBS iNsight™ (Osteo), Medimaps Group operates as a contract scientific organisation (CSO) and as a custom software development company.

As such, we offer a wide range of services pertaining to our core areas of expertise: bone densitometry imaging (DXA and pDXA); bone quantitative ultrasound (QUS); bone microarchitecture assessment employing proprietary Trabecular Bone Score™ (TBS®) using various image modalities (DXA, X-ray or projected CT imaging); and body composition estimation based on Bio-Impedance Analyzer (BIA) and DXA.

Contract scientific organisation services:

  • Protocol design
  • Imaging-site selection and training
  • Imaging equipment cross-calibration and longitudinal monitoring
  • Imaging quality assurance
  • Central analysis
  • Centralised image review
  • Comprehensive data management
  • Project management
  • Reporting and medical writing
  • Regulatory consulting services (e.g. US FDA filing) in cooperation with a strong network of global partners

For any information on contract scientific organisation services, please contact:

Didier HANS
+41 22 884 86 44 (Switzerland)

Custom software development services:

  • Third-party software development for research or clinical purposes

We have developed several software solutions for large contract research organisations; automated quality control solutions; secure databases for clinical use; dedicated automation software solutions for university hospitals; and are currently working on several projects using AI, machine learning and 3D modeling.

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