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Vlachopoulos, Dimitris

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The present thesis was part of the PRO-BONE study (Effect of a program of short bouts of exercise on bone health in adolescents involved in different sports) and aimed to: 1. Examine cross-sectional differences on bone mass, bone geometry, texture and bone metabolism in male adolescents involved in osteogenic (football) and non-osteogenic (swimming and cycling) sports compared with an active control group. 2. Identify the determinants of bone mass and hip geometry. 3. Investigate how 12 months of participation in osteogenic and non-osteogenic sports affect bone development. 4. Examine the effectiveness of a novel 9-month jumping intervention programme to improve bone outcomes. Adolescence is a crucial period for bone development and exercise can enhance bone acquisition. Sports can be considered as osteogenic, such as football, and as non-osteogenic, such as swimming and cycling. Despite football, swimming and cycling being among the most popular sports globally, there was lack of evidence comparing the effect of these sports on bone status and development in male adolescents. Jumping intervention can be effective to improve bone development in children.1 However, it is …


Br J Sports Med





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