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Dr. Shelley Horn, MBA

Business Development Officer

Based in the US, Shelley Horn leads Medimaps Group’s global investor acquisition and development activity and supports the development and implementation of growth opportunities. Additionally, she leads the business and sales strategy for the US and Canada. She focuses on creating long-term value for the organisation via investor and customers relations and corporate strategic development. She collaborates with and manages relationships with manufacturers, distributors, key accounts and industry organisations, and engages with end users to drive business development opportunities and to expand customer acquisition and sales.

Shelley Horn brings more than two decades of experience in strategic business development. As a Principal for a Sales and Marketing Strategy management consultant firm, she led the development and growth of the pharmaceutical and medical devices division. She has medical device start-up experience in the field of osteoporosis, with successful venture capital fund raising experience. She holds a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and an MBA with focus in international business from Columbia Business School, Columbia University.

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