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Sarah Lumb

Board Member

Sarah Lumb is the co-founder and managing partner of Mission Global, a freight specialist in event logistics, where she played an integral part in the creation of the group, now with nearly 200 partner offices worldwide. She also heads up Mission ME, a specialist logistics consultancy services for the niche events industry. Based in The United Arab Emirates since 2008, Sarah brings with her a wealth of experience in the complexities of logistics and doing business the region.

Sarah’s business interests extend to two other companies, Ethical Pharmaceutical Consulting Service SA and Kanis SA. Both companies have investments across a diverse range of industries, but with a particular interest in biotech, medical device and other high technology companies.

Sarah’s early career started in relocation then moved to real estate and financial services. By the age of twenty-five she started her first business, and her entrepreneurial spirit has exposed her through an eclectic variety of positions and industries – she even trained as a yoga and meditation teacher.

Sarah has always been an active member of her community and juggled her professional and home life whilst also being an active member of her children’s’ school advisory board and sitting on the management committee of the owner’s association where she resides.

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