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Xavier Castelli

Xavier has worked for several worldwide companies in the pharmaceutical field and machine tool industry; CRI-DAN SA., Toyoda Machine Works Ltd. He created Delpharm laboratory, a key player in the pharmaceutical industry. Xavier Castelli was President of the Group until his retirement. Under his 18-year-leadership, Delpharm grew from 1 to 7 factories, from 7 to 280 million euros in sales and from 80 to 1,800 employees, making it the French leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Today, Xavier remains a significant shareholder of the Group. In 2017, he acquired SwissKubiK (a high-end Swiss automatic watch winder manufacturer) and Scatola del Tempo in Italy, the original watch winder creator. He is also a partner in FADiese 2, a French innovative start-ups financing investment company.

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