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Dr. Juan Alfredo Tamayo y Orozco, Trabecular Bone Score for Nephrology

Mexican Nephrologist and internist, member of the National Academy of Medicine of Mexico, Dr. Juan Alfredo Tamayo y Orozco has been working on mineral metabolism since 1983. 

Dr. Juan Alfredo Tamayo y Orozco graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) as a Surgeon and Midwife, he completed his specialties in Internal Medicine and Nephrology at the National Institute of Nutrition, he also has a Post-doctorate in Nephrology and Mineral Metabolism from the Washington University School of Medicine. 


“[with TBS iNsight™] the radiologist has more elements to discuss with the referring doctor about the status of bone structure. 

The doctor who receives this report has a very clear graphic way of telling the patient the state of both, the mineral matrix of the bone and the structure of the bones. 

Dr. Juan Alfredo Tamayo y OrozcoNephrologist and internist, member of the National Academy of Medicine of Mexico., 


For which patients would you recommend the use of Trabecular Bone Score (TBS) with TBS iNsight™, and for which pathologies in particular? 

We are using TBS in all my diagnostic centers. The National Institute of Public Health is a higher education institution and, since bone diseases represent a major public health problem, we have been working with this approach.  

Since 2017, we have been very interested in bone structure. Thus, all my patients have undergone TBS tests for two years. Thanks to the result of TBS in the spine and now in the femur, we use these criteria to see changes in bone structure, considering the mineral matrix as bone densitometry and bone structure. 

How do you use the TBS report? What is your experience? 

This report is very useful and easy to interpret because it is very graphic and can provide the clinician with a global picture to explain to the patient the true state of their skeletal health.  

This makes a significant difference to patient compliance because it makes it much easier for them to understand the outcome of the intervention that has been defined for them.   

This is a very valuable element when examining bone structure.  

It is not difficult to interpret the report; on the contrary, it is a very useful tool for being more convincing with doctors and patients. 

Learn more about Trabecular Bone Score and its main benefits of usage in the field of primary and secondary osteoporosis (Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Gynecology, Geriatrics, Oncology etc)


Watch Dr. Juan Alfredo Tamayo y Orozco’s mini-interview series on YouTube (Spanish content):  

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