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Navigating Secondary Osteoporosis in Cancer: A Scientific Perspective

While advancements in oncology have enhanced cancer care, they also underscore the importance of recognizing and managing potential side effects, such as secondary osteoporosis associated with specific treatments. This risk, if not proactively addressed, can result in fragility fractures, highlighting the need for vigilance in bone health, particularly among postmenopausal women who are susceptible to bone loss due to treatment and estrogen depletion. Ensuring a comprehensive understanding of these risks is vital to maintain patient health throughout and post-cancer therapy.

 Download the factsheet on the risk, assessment and management of cancer treatment-induced secondary osteoporosis to explore the following topics:

  • Cancer treatment-induced bone loss & fracture risk
  • Clinical relevance of Trabecular Bone Score (TBS)
  • Assessment and management of bone health in cancer patients


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