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ECR workshop recording medimaps group

At ECR 2023, Prof. Didier Hans, Prof. Karen Hind and Prof. Giuseppe Guglielmi co-presented a series of workshops on the use of TBS for the diagnosis of primary and secondary osteoporosis.

We are happy to share a replay of one of these sessions with you! Fill in the form to see the video:

Through a clinical case and software presentation, our workshop recording will give you an insight about osteoporosis diagnosis and management with the full bone health picture provided by DXA and TBS Osteo combined. You’ll also learn how TBS Osteo can help detect up to 30% more patients at risk of fracture by assessing bone microarchitecture seamlessly within your DXA routine workflow.


You can also learn more about TBS Osteo on our dedicated page or book a TBS demo online or at one of our future events.

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