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At RSNA 2022, Dr. Lynn Kohlmeier, MD, Director of Spokane Osteoporosis and Endocrine Associates of Spokane, gave a presentation on rethinking how to diagnose osteoporosis and the use of Trabecular Bone Score (TBS).

Today’s current technology for diagnosing osteoporosis only measures bone density, which is only half of the World Health Organization’s definition of osteoporosis. The full definition includes bone mineral density (BMD) and microarchitecture – trabecular bone score (TBS).

Watch the presentation to learn how TBS:

·       Can be integrated seamlessly into existing workflows
·       Can help to reduce the likelihood of missing patients at risk of fracture.
·       Is proven and cleared in 60+ countries and clinically validated in 900+ publications
·       Is reimbursable in some countries in Europe, and now in the U.S
·       Can help radiologists assert an even larger role in osteoporosis diagnosis and management

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