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[Medimaps Group introduces] Swiss Tech Master's Series

Swiss Tech Master's Series

Medimaps Group hosted two workshops at RSNA 2023.

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Trabecular Bone Score: Successful Medicare Reimbursement

Next Level Bone Health: Leveraging AI in X-ray Incidental Findings and Introducing TBS Version 4


Trabecular Bone Score

Successful Medicare Reimbursement

TBS calculates a texture analysis of bone micro-architecture providing information on the quality of bone health. Medicare reimbursement is currently possible for TBS iNsight™ (Osteo) for DXA. Trabecular Bone Score (TBS) procedures benefit from four dedicated Category 1 CPT® codes and can be paid through the Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) and the Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS).

Applying the right code in your particular setting is key to achieve payment.

What you will learn?

✅ The use of Trabecular Bone Score for the assessment and management
of primary and secondary osteoporosis in clinical practice.

✅ Trabecular Bone Score reimbursement real-world practice: do’s and don’ts.

✅ The Medicare reimbursement for Trabecular Bone Score in 2023.

With Dr. Lauren Nicola and Prof. Didier Hans Ph. D.



Next Level Bone Health

Leveraging AI in X-ray Incidental Findings and Introducing TBS Version 4*

Thanks to the emergence of “explainable” AI algorithms with the potential to automate bone and tissue measurements, new and affordable clinical strategies to identify patients with compromised bone health and an increased risk of fracture are possible. This places radiology at the center of opportunistic screening, with radiologists playing an even more crucial role in ensuring that patients receive appropriate clinical care and follow-up.

What you will learn?

✅ Through demonstration of improved population health outcomes and cost-effectiveness, opportunistic findings will be attractive to both payers and healthcare systems.

✅ Incidental X-ray findings empower radiologists to detect more patients at risk for fracture.

✅ Discover how TBS iNsight™(Osteo), a technology reimbursed by Medicare, is setting the stage to detect more patients at risk of fracture.

With Dr. Gregory Nicola and Christine Lenk Ph. D.

*Not yet approved for sale by the FDA


TBS iNsight™, developed by Medimaps Group, is a state-of-the-art software powered by medical AI technology, to evaluate bone micro-architecture in patients during a standard lumbar spine DXA scan, thus providing the missing link you need to identify more patients at high risk of fracture.

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