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A Year in Review for the Trabecular Bone Score

To keep you up to date with advances in the Trabecular Bone Score (TBS) clinical field, we present our curated selection of the Top 10 must-read articles for 2023. This comprehensive review encapsulates the following key areas:

  • The ability of TBS to predict fractures, in primary and secondary osteoporosis and additionally in the presence of both treatment and vertebral artifacts
  • An expanded scope of populations on which TBS has been used this year
  • The growing emphasis on functional patient outcomes and quality of life
  • The recent increase in research publications in athletic populations

Get your copy of the Top 10 TBS Must-Read Articles in 2023:

Many peer-reviewed articles about TBS are published each year and we express our gratitude to the numerous contributors who dedicated their time and expertise to discussing TBS throughout this year. 

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