TBS Clinical Case

Compendium of TBS Clinical Case Studies

The Compendium of TBS Clinical Case Studies features interviews with expert TBS iNsight clinicians and a collection of patient case studies, demonstrating the effect of TBS on patient management in a variety of real-life, clinical scenarios.
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TBS is an independent risk of fracture and therefore an additional clinical risk factor. As such, it should be interpreted in accordance with appropriate guidelines and according to the good practice – as defined in the Position Development Statements of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD).

The Compendium contains clinical cases provided by physicians using TBS iNsight in their practice. As such, it reflects their own clinical experience and should not serve as medical instructions. Only the Healthcare professionals can take medical décisions based on clinical judgment and on all available clinical information at the disposal.

We thank all the authors for their contribution across the years.