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TBS Osteo - Osteoporosis in Rheumatology in Osteoarthritis

The presence of Osteophytes, a common disorder in older patients and those with osteoarthritis, can falsely elevate the BMD measurements leading to misdiagnosis.

Unlike BMD, TBS results has been demonstrated to be minimally affected by the presence of osteophytes, providing a more accurate fracture risk assessment.

Selected publications related with Trabecular Bone Score (TBS)  in Osteoarthritis:

  • Kolta, S. et al. TBS result is not affected by lumbar spine osteoarthritis. Osteoporos Int 25, 1759–1764 (2014).   To read the abstract click here.
  • Anderson, K. B. et al. Is trabecular bone score less affected by degenerative-changes at the spine than lumbar spine BMD? Arch Osteoporos 13, 127 (2018).  To read the abstract click here.

Feel free to share with your Rheumatologist colleagues, as it might be helpful in identifying more patients at risk for fracture. Reach out to us in the LinkedIn comments or write us at – we will gladly help you.

To know more about TBS Osteo in Rheumatology – download document here.

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