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TBS iNsight™ (Osteo): A Trusted Bone Health Solution in the World's Top Hospitals

Approaching the end of 2023 offers an opportunity to contemplate Newsweek’s listing of the Top 250 World’s Best Hospitals in 2023. Among these prestigious institutions, the top 15 hospitals are trusting TBS iNsight™ (Osteo), which has a presence in over half of these leading healthcare institutions.

The widespread adoption of TBS iNsight™ (Osteo) in the world’s foremost hospitals represents a pivotal juncture in clinical practice and bone health assessment across the globe. It marks a departure from conventional methods, where assessments primarily focused on BMD. Now, with TBS gaining prevalence in the world’s leading hospitals, there’s a tangible acknowledgment of the significance of considering not just density but also the bone microarchitecture.

Furthermore, the integration of TBS iNsight™ (Osteo) into clinical practice also signifies a departure from a one-size-fits-all approach to a more personalized and holistic evaluation of bone health. Clinicians are now better equipped to tailor interventions, treatments, and preventive strategies based on a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s bone microstructure, fostering more targeted and effective care.

Click HERE to access Newsweek’s Top 250 World’s Best Hospitals in 2023.

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